New England

Well, the Fall is coming to a close, which makes me a little sad… Although, in typical New England fashion it has decided to cling to the warm weather instead of the falling temperatures outside. They do say if you don’t know what the weather is going to be like, wait a minute. Isn’t that right?

So, to complete my Autumn, I got to take my Sister in Law to her very first Patriots game against the Kansas City Chiefs! I was- as any of you who have been reading my blog will know, very excited! I love my Patriots Football! I also love to go to Patriot Place because there is nothing like New England fans. there is nothing like the atmosphere of that Gillette Stadium, and nothing like that whole place. Oh, and have I mentioned that there is shopping?? HaHa I love that too 🙂 Of course the Patriots did not disappoint us- we played like the champs we are. Oh, the only problem was that it was FREEZING!!!! I was wearing about 8 layers (Michelin Man mean anything to anyone?) and a coat that is supposed to be rated at zero degrees. It lies. I was still shivering. However it was worth every moment of the 2 hour drive each way, and suffering through the sub zero temperatures. (Ok, it was in the twenties, but we were in the nosebleeds, with 18 mile an hour winds, so it felt much colder!) Anyway the game was great the tailgating was a lot of fun- although I am pretty sure we were the only sober people there thankfully! But I loved seeing just to what lengths people go to to tailgate at a game. People had bigger TV’s than I have at home with them, they had firepits, full size BBQ’s, tents, games, tables, chairs, RUGS- I mean, Rugs?? I wouldn’t have been surprised had I seen a full living room set there. It is incredible just how much time, effort and money go into going to these games. Me? I was just happy to hang out eating off our little portable grill, having some chips and dip and hot chocolate!

All in all, the Fall in New England is coming to a much better close than the beginning. I hope the winter is even better! Have a wonderful Holiday Season Everyone!



New England

One of my favorite hobbies is gardening. Now you might think that gardening is much easier in Florida. I suppose that is true in a sense. I mean I can plant something and within a week I see some results. I love planting, and the instant gratification that you get with a southern garden, its true, but although there are many beautiful plants that will only grow in the southern climate, even those tend to die in extreme heat. Not to mention, nothing comes back the next year as they die a slow death. You are also limited as to what you can plant.For example, you can’t plant lilacs, tulips, hyacinths, peonies, or any other bulbs for that matter. One of  the things at I love most about New England is that you can grow any bulb that you can buy . I love all bulbs- peonies are my new favorite as I just discovered them this year, they are beautiful and smell amazing. You may be wondering why I am talking about flowers in the fall right after a snow storm. Well, I am so excited that I just got to plant my bulbs, and for once I will actually get flowers from them that I don’t have to buy in a pot at the grocery store that will die and never come back! I love this area! I love that the cold helps nurture the bulbs and bring them to life in the spring. And oh my goodness, how much does everyone love spring? After all those months of cold and snow, you start seeing signs of life popping up through the snow. It is breathtaking! And this year, I will be looking at my garden every day for that sign of life. I can’t wait!

Oh yes, and in case you think I have forgotten, GO PATS!


New England

Well, another week gone by. Typical New England, after the freak snow storm, there was no power for many days. The Cable company even lost power at the hub, causing Cable and Internet to go out for several days. Making it challenging for all of us dependent on the internet! I know that I am definitely one of those. I am on it daily, all the time- like so many others. The problem was that since the source was out- everyone was out, so I couldn’t get my fix at Starbucks or McDonald’s, or anywhere else. Is it just me or is it a very quiet world without access to the internet? I know that mine kept going on, and off and I could write a post, and by the time I hit submit it would lose it and I would have to start over. I did finally start copying every post just so that I didn’t have to rewrite everything! So how many of you lost your ties to the outside? And is it only me that is so dependent on Facebook and the Internet?

So what I realized throughout this whole experience is that I am completely dependent on internet and well, Social Media- well Facebook specifically! I barely had cell reception and yet I would kill my battery further by constantly trying to send messages on Facebook. Its the only tie to the outside world that I felt that I had. Silly I am sure, but well, that is my life. After all, I had to see if the rest of my friends lost power, cable, internet and well, all the amenities that make life more interesting!

Fall In New England…

OK, so I DO love the Fall in New England… I love the cold, but I could have waited for the snow! Although, we decided to make the best of it… We had family over for a party, and well, instead of carving pumpkins, we decided to make a snowman! Let me tell you it was FREEZING! Of course we were the idiots out in the cold with only costumes on… And I was not dressed up like an Eskimo! So we made our snowman- yes, my puppy prisoner helped- and we took a picture and ran back inside! How many people can claim they made a Snowman on Halloween?

At least New England is full of surprises. We get over 20 inches of snow, on October 29th, we lose power, and to top it all off, we all lose Cable and Internet! Now, how am I supposed to do my homework, post on Facebook, and watch my Patriots? So after trying to figure out all day how I am going to work on my school work, we then have to figure out where we can go to find someplace to watch the Pats. So, with my limited cell phone coverage, I called around to every place that I could think of, and finally found a place that had at least one table! With everyone having no power and no cable, well, every restaurant was packed.  Thankfully, I found a place and we ended up being able to watch the game- although not with the result that we wanted! But, at least we got warm and got to watch some TV. You never realize how dependent you are on internet, and TV until you lose them.

Well, I hope we don’t get any more snow for the week, I don’t know about all of you, but  I have a lot of work to catch up on!

The Fall in New England

How much do you love driving in the fall in New England? It is like a treasure hunt every day! I love to spot new areas for foliage. I am infamous for just stopping on the highway and getting out and snapping shots with my iPhone.  Ok, I have to admit, when I first moved here, I wouldn’t even stop. I would just snap pictures. I am certain that people wanted to shoot me. However I got some amazing shots and videos 🙂

My favorite thing  to do is driving around and finding new areas. I love to drive into Maine and go into the different antique stores, and find new places that I have never been to. I love driving into the lakes region of New Hampshire and finding my way around in my new State.  And there are always quaint little places to find to get some lunch or coffee. One of the best things about this area is that you can find anything Pumpkin known to man! I can have pumpkin soup, bread, pancakes, martinis, pumpkin lava cake (!), and so much more. The best thing in the world to me! This is all in addition to being able to go and pick your own pumpkin from an actual Pumpkin patch!

So coming from Florida, who knew that you could actually go and pick your own Apples? The wonder of it all. You can go to one of several beautiful places, pick your own apples and there is apple pie, apple crisp and cider for everyone! I like the Nashoba Valley Winery, because other than the apple picking, you can sample different wines, have some delicious lunch, and a few drinks all in a beautiful setting.

So, this is another reason I love this area. Growing up in Florida, the most Fall that we got was a few days, and never got any foliage obviously. My excitement was only that my Birthday was in October and sometimes it was in the 60’s. Whoa… I hated the heat, so that was like a birthday present for me. Sadly, most of the time, it was in the 80’s, and I hated that.  And have I mentioned that the fall also means Football?? In Florida I got to go to a lot of Bucs games, but it was so unreasonably hot that you felt like you were an egg frying in a pan. It tends to take some of the fun out of it when you are passing out from heat exhaustion! But here, you can go to a game and just enjoy it, because you aren’t melting, oh that and we are usually winning 🙂 And have I mentioned how much I love the Pats??

New England

So, I moved from Florida about 15 months ago… I honestly hated it there, and love New England!! I love the sports ! 🙂 I love the weather, the towns, the seasons, and the history. I also love that I can be in 3 different states in an hour- something that this Florida girl is not used to!

My favorite teams are of course the Red Sox and The Patriots, and – and don’t laugh, the Tampa Bay Bucs. I first moved here in 1999, and quickly became a part of Red Sox Nation. It wasn’t overnight, but it was such a part of life here, such a part of the culture, that is was amazing to me. I was not used to this!  Living in the Tampa Bay area, I only know what it is like to have teams that don’t produce any results, so for me New England is Heaven! I have never seen an entire region that LOVES their sports teams as much as they do here. So, when I moved back to Florida for several years, I got to go to almost empty baseball games when the Red Sox were in town, which was great! Seriously, have you ever been to a Red Sox game and it was empty? The Rays have never inspired the kind of insane love for them that the Red Sox have. And never will! It is sad, but it was good for me when I wanted to get to a game cheap!
As far as the Patriots, well, I love them. They are just a great team. Do you know what it is like to be a Bucs fan? Years of ridicule, and frustration! I still love them though, as sad as it is, but they were my first football love. And even though we lost most of them, the games are fun!

Now that I am back in New England, I can enjoy my teams again! Well, at the moment, at least I can enjoy my Pats! Stay tuned next to hear why else I love it here!

Hello everyone!

I am very new to this blog thing, so please forgive me! I am currently attending SNHU to get my MBA in Marketing, with a certificate in Organizational Leadership. I have my undergrad from USF in Tampa Florida, and have recently moved to New England. I love it!

I am starting this blog for my Social Media class, so wish me luck!

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