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New England

Well, the Fall is coming to a close, which makes me a little sad… Although, in typical New England fashion it has decided to cling to the warm weather instead of the falling temperatures outside. They do say if you don’t know what the weather is going to be like, wait a minute. Isn’t that right?

So, to complete my Autumn, I got to take my Sister in Law to her very first Patriots game against the Kansas City Chiefs! I was- as any of you who have been reading my blog will know, very excited! I love my Patriots Football! I also love to go to Patriot Place because there is nothing like New England fans. there is nothing like the atmosphere of that Gillette Stadium, and nothing like that whole place. Oh, and have I mentioned that there is shopping?? HaHa I love that too 🙂 Of course the Patriots did not disappoint us- we played like the champs we are. Oh, the only problem was that it was FREEZING!!!! I was wearing about 8 layers (Michelin Man mean anything to anyone?) and a coat that is supposed to be rated at zero degrees. It lies. I was still shivering. However it was worth every moment of the 2 hour drive each way, and suffering through the sub zero temperatures. (Ok, it was in the twenties, but we were in the nosebleeds, with 18 mile an hour winds, so it felt much colder!) Anyway the game was great the tailgating was a lot of fun- although I am pretty sure we were the only sober people there thankfully! But I loved seeing just to what lengths people go to to tailgate at a game. People had bigger TV’s than I have at home with them, they had firepits, full size BBQ’s, tents, games, tables, chairs, RUGS- I mean, Rugs?? I wouldn’t have been surprised had I seen a full living room set there. It is incredible just how much time, effort and money go into going to these games. Me? I was just happy to hang out eating off our little portable grill, having some chips and dip and hot chocolate!

All in all, the Fall in New England is coming to a much better close than the beginning. I hope the winter is even better! Have a wonderful Holiday Season Everyone!



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